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Create some online pizazz! Learn how to create more Internet traffic for your website, service, book, product, cause, or idea!

You came to this website because we made an impression. That's what the Ten Million Eyeballs Internet marketing program is all about.

What are eyeballs? They are impressions. And what are impressions? They are the beginning of sales. They are, first, the way to get the attention of the people who you want to reach.

Get their attention, and then you have a chance to make the sale or to convince them to take whatever other action you would like them to take.

What could you do with 10 million eyeballs?

What could you do with 5 to 10 million new visitors to your website? You could sell thousands of books. You could generate an email list of thousands and thousands of avid fans. You could build a top-rated website that allows you to generate on-going income for years to come. You could dominate the organic search results from Google, Bing, and whatever else comes along. You could change the world. It is your choice.

After loading three viral videos on YouTube and getting hundreds of thousands of views, the publisher of Chad Kultgen's novel The Average American Male had to go back to press three times in the first month.
The Dash Poem Movie written by Linda Ellis and produced by Mac Anderson, has been viewed 40 million times. Linda has received over one million emails thanking her for writing The Dash. Their Simple Truths website sells a ton of books and movies.
The 130,000 monthly visitors at the lighting site translates into $14 million in annual sales.
Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV built up such a big audience for his video blog and Twitter profile (850,000+ followers) that he was offered a 10 book, 7-figure deal from HarperCollins. What was more amazing is that he didn't pitch them; they came to him because of his huge online audience.
Since its January 2008 debut, the Stuff White People Like blog founded by Christian Lander and Myles Valentin has racked up 22.5 million hits. Lander, the main author of the blog, was offered a $350,000 book deal by Random House.
Dane Cook became famous - and built a career as a comedian and actor - because he enlisted 1 million MySpace friends. Note: I will not be teaching you how to make friends on MySpace. I believe that to be a very time-consuming and unproductive way to get people's attention.

With 10 million eyeballs, the world is yours!

These examples are only a few of the ways people and companies have cashed in on the visitors and traffic they've received via the Internet. As part of the Ten Million Eyeballs online marketing course, you will learn more than 30 ways to cash in on the traffic and impressions you will create.

Plus you will learn how to create millions and millions of impressions via four simple, inexpensive, and fast ways that anyone can carry out.

Create Millions of Impressions

Impressions are created any time someone hears or sees something online about you, your book, your product, your idea, your service, or your website. Impressions include the following:

A mention or feature on a website, in a blog, or in an email newsletter

An interview with you on a blog, a website, an Internet radio show, or a teleseminar

A video about you, your book, or your website

A review or recommendation of your book, product, or service

A link in a directory or a link to your website

An article about you, your product, your service, or your website

An excerpt from your book or other product

A visit to your website with multiple page views

A viral video on YouTube

An online article distributed to thousands of websites

The sale of a book on your website, via Amazon, or via another site

In this online marketing course, you will learn how to create 5 to 10 million impressions for your product, service, book, idea, cause, or website.

What could you do with 10 million eyeballs?

After ten years away from the book world, Robert Allen used a modified Amazon Bestseller Campaign to make his Multiple Streams of Income into a New York Times bestselling business book.
E-commerce sales surpassed $7 trillion worldwide in 2008.
Scott Sigler, author of many horror thriller novels (The Rookie, Earthcore, Ancestor, Blood Cast, Nocturnal, etc.), built a strong platform by podcasting at As a result he got a traditional publishing deal. In addition, he makes significant income from the advertisers included in every podcast and blog post.
The owner of features Yahoo classified ads on his site. He gets about 120 click-throughs each day, generating $100 to $200 in advertising income each and every day.
Penelope Trunk, author of The Brazen Careerist, used blogging to land a six-figure book deal.
The political videos of James Kotecki, a Georgetown University student, became so popular on YouTube that presidential candidates like Ron Paul and Mike Gravel showed up in his dorm room for interviews. In September 2007, he was hired as a full-time vlogger on

With 10 million eyeballs, the world is yours!
"Thank you for such an informative and up-to-date workshop about new ways to use Internet marketing. My head has been churning with new ways to incorporate the ideas you presented. You have a gift for thinking outside the box and you helped me think beyond my own limitations. Your workshop delivered more value for the money than anything I've done yet to market and publicize my book." - Moonstone Star White, author of High Way From Hell: Using Emotion to Fan the Fire of Enlightenment



If you were to get 10 million eyeballs to see, hear, or learn about you, your book, your product, your idea, or your website, here are a few of the things that would happen:

1. The Alexa rank for your website would jump from wherever it is to somewhere in the top 150,000 sites in the world (out of more than 150 million sites and counting). It could easily reach much higher.

2. You will get from 60,000 to 200,000 unique visitors to your website every month. Some months your traffic could spike to half a million to a million unique visitors.

3. Based on that many visitors, even if you only convert 1/10 of 1% to customers, that's 60 to 200 sales per month. For a $20 book, that means income of $1,200 to $4,000 per month.

4. Even if you don't sell one book or any services, you will receive $500 to $10,000 every month from Google for AdSense and display ads.

5. If you decide to sell display ads directly to companies that want to reach your visitors, you should be able to generate $300 to $1,000 per page per month from display ads. The richer your website is in content, the more you'll make in ad income.

If you sign up for the Ten Million Eyeball online marketing course and follow its advice, you will generate at least 10 million eyeballs in the next two years and could easily generate 5 to 10 million eyeballs every month within a year or less.


What could you do with 10 million eyeballs?

What could you do with 5 to 10 million new visitors to your website? How could you make money if that many more people became your friends?

Kate Nowak, the creator of the May You Be Blessed video, kicked off her movie by emailing it to 10 people. The movie, forwarded on to many, many friends of friends, was seen by 3 million people in the first six months. Her Better to Bless website is now a community of blessers as well as a thriving gift shop.
Restoration Hardware's 1.3 million monthly visitors provide them with $220 million in annual sales.
Tim Ferris, author of The Four-Hour Work Week, used a blog and connections to other bloggers to build buzz for his new book and watched it skyrocket to the top of Amazon's sales charts and the New York Times bestseller list.
The online advertising market is projected to hit $42 billion in the next few years.
Thriller novelist J.C. Hutchins first released his 7th Son technothriller trilogy as free serialized audiobooks in 2006. The series was downloaded so often (almost 100,000 downloads a month), Hutchins was offered a major book deal by St. Martin's Griffin imprint for his Personal Effects: Dark Art novel. The first novel in the trilogy will also be coming out in paperback from the same publisher.
Rubber man David Bernal, aka David Elsewhere, became famous after one video of his dancing appeared on YouTube. He soon was offered starring roles in a number of TV commercials, including ones for the Apple iPod, Slurpee, Heineken, and others.

With 10 million eyeballs, the world is yours!

During the 10 Million Eyeballs online marketing course, you'll learn how to create a YouTube video that gets millions of views. You'll learn how to create a viral video within hours or days rather than weeks or months. And how to do it for very little money. Simple, easy, no complicated formulas, no guessing.

You won't have to come up with a complicated or creative way to make a viral video. You'll learn a way that anyone can do quickly and easily. This viral video technique is just one of four ways you'll learn to get five to ten million eyeballs for your product, service, book, cause, or website.

"The 10 Million Eyeballs Event was everything I was hoping for and more. I'd seen you speak before at the BookExpo years ago. You delivered truth, insights and value then. You delivered even more at this event. You are truly the best of the best in your field - with a unique trait of speaking straight from your heart. You gave hundreds of current practical tools to use to drive thousands more people to my website - which I've implemented and have proven to work already." - Nancy Hayssen, author, You Can Be Sexy at ANY Size or Age!

"The best money I ever spent."

- David Comings, author of Did Man Create God?




What could you do with 10 million eyeballs?

The Secret, the bestselling DVD and book, started out as a viral video that got passed along one person at a time until it had reached millions of people. That online campaign led to multiple appearances on Oprah! as well as tons of sales both online and in bookstores. housewares sales site gets $21 million in annual sales from its 750,000 monthly visitors.
In 2006, Viacom paid $200 million to buy Atom Entertainment, parent company of and gaming sites and
Tila Tequila's 2.7 million MySpace friends got her a role on the A Shot at Love reality TV show.
Seth Harwood began podcasting his hard-boiled mystery Jack Wakes Up in July 2006. He followed that with several more books in the Jack Palms podcast series. His podcast audience grew to such a size that Breakneck Books published the first book in March 2008 and it quickly jumped to #1 in Crime/Mystery on In May 2009, Three Rivers Press, an imprint of Random House, released a trade paperback version of the novel.
Within weeks of uploading a video of her singing Rihanna's hit single "Umbrella," singer/songwriter Marie Digby appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly, had one of her songs featured on MTV's The Hills, had her video downloaded more than two million times, and was featured in a front page article in the Wall Street Journal.

With 10 million eyeballs, the world is yours!

During the 10 Million Eyeballs online marketing course, you will learn how to set up and run a joint venture campaign that not only sells books or other products but also builds long-term relationships that will continue to pay you back for years to come.

You'll also learn when, how, and why to give away your book, product, or service - how to use freebies to draw in potential customers and build a fan base that comes back for your products and services again and again and again.

These are just two more of the techniques that you'll learn in depth during this incredible online marketing course.

"John Kremer consistently delivers more than he promises!!!! His Ten Million Eyeball seminar opened my eyes to the power of making simple viral videos and posting them online. Now I have 1,000 visitors a day coming to my own channel at!!" - Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love

"$10,000, $20,000, $100,000, $1,000,000 - WOW! Your Ten Million Eyeballs Event is worth its weight in gold - no platinum. Not only is it chock full of information, but information that is PRACTICAL and INSTANTLY usable to maximize marketing strategies and start increase sales. I so appreciate the fact that you answer every question, provide such creative ideas and out of the box thinking, and share such powerful marketing information. I can assure you, everyone in the class felt the same way. I am sending my VP of Marketing to take your next class." - Diana Zimmerman, president, CMS Communications, and author of Kandide and the Secret of the Mists

"What a terrific seminar. Just chock-full of million dollar ideas! I wanted to write you earlier, but I've been busy implementing some of them." - Victoria Loveland-Coen of

"John Kremer is an encyclopedia of information about book marketing. His latest Ten Million Eyeballs Event is chock-full of information, with no filler and no irrelevant stuff. He teaches methods that are tried and true, most of which he has successfully tested himself. I can't recommend this online seminar too highly. You could save yourself years of mistakes in marketing books, websites, videos, or just about anything by taking this seminar." - John Toomey

"What an incredible seminar! You taught us so much, and it was clear how much you enjoyed sharing your knowledge." - Phyllis Zimbler Miller, author, Mrs. Lieutenant: A Sharon Gold Novel

"Although my brain hurts from the info overload, I am so very excited to get to work on implementing the great tips you shared. Let me join the chorus in telling you something that you already know: You're worth every penny...and then some! I look forward to the day I can spend a few more pennies with you. Again, thank you for a great seminar!" - Louise Lewis, author, No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!

"The Ten Million Eyeballs Event was not only informative and eye opening, but I am so inspired to get out and really follow through with all I learned. And what a wonderful opportunity to spend time with John Kremer and learn so very much. He has a wonderful personality and learning was fun!" - Carol Stanley, author of For Kids 59.99 and Over

"I just attended your Ten Million Eyeballs Event and I learned so much that my brain almost exploded." - Zachary Kyra-Derksen, blogger,

"We just want to say thanks for the great time at the Ten Million Eyeballs Event. Most of what you taught us was new to us - what fun! We came away with many practical and applicable projects to work on that would make an immediate difference to our book! We have already used many of the concepts that you taught us and we look to increasing our book's success as we incorporate even more of your ideas." - Deanne Siemens,

"Fred and I came home stuffed with great information. We really learned SO much that could be applied right now! I'm already doing many new things and doing many old things differently. I would highly recommend any John Kremer workshop for anyone who wants to move their book forward with proven marketing techniques!" - Susan Klopfer



What could you do with 10 million eyeballs?

Think of the things you could do if you and your website URL were seen again and again, all over the Internet.

Hundreds of authors have used Amazon Bestseller Campaigns to become top 10 bestsellers on the e-commerce site. One author sold 6,000 copies. Another sold almost 20,000 copies.
Brooke Brodack's video riffs on pop culture got her a contract offer from Last Call with Carson Daly.
Mike Huckabee's series of Internet videos and TV commercials featuring Chuck Norris helped him come from behind to win the Iowa caucuses. While he didn't win the nomination, he stayed in the presidential race longer than several other candidates who were leading the race before the videos came out.
The 155,000 monthly visitors at outdoor gear website translates into $20 million in annual sales.
The top 10 viral videos of 2008 included two which were made into books: Christian the Lion and The Last Lecture (a bestseller!).
According to a recent report by JPMorgan, revenue from Internet search ads is expected to reach $30.5 billion in 2008. Global search revenue could rise to $60 billion by 2011.

With 10 million eyeballs, the world is yours!


During this online marketing seminar, I will be teaching four insider ways to get five to ten million online impressions for your products, your book, your ideas, your services, your website, or whatever else you want to promote. That simple.

I will teach you the fastest way, a slower way, and a really inexpensive way that doesn't take a lot of time or knowledge to implement.

Please note that the four key ways to reach lots of people online will not include the following:

  • Google AdWords (expensive and not high volume enough)
  • social networks like MySpace and Facebook (too time-consuming)
  • knowledge networks like Squidoo or Wikipedia (again, too time-consuming)
  • bookmarking networks like Digg and Stumble Upon (no control)
  • virtual worlds like Second Life (too complicated, too time-consuming, with a long learning curve).

These tools will be discussed but only in the context of the other quicker, easier, cheaper, and more impactful ways that will be revealed. The four key ways to gain tons of visitors and Internet impressions are designed to be low-cost, quick to implement, and extremely productive.

"For those of you who have been fortunate enough to have heard John Kremer speak or answer questions, you know the genius. I personally have not met a keener mind in over 45 years of dealing with marketing experts! More than that, once you meet him, you can't help but love him. Spend two days with him and your mind will spin for weeks with new ideas, stretched, never to return to its original place again! I know from first hand experience. So if you want ten million NEW eyeballs looking at your site, then fly, drive, run or crawl to hear John tell you just exactly how.

"Add to all of that the fact that John is the real deal, the real experience, mind, intellect and the most down to earth person you will ever come across. You are in for the most jam-packed, mind-blowing and yet wonderful roller coaster ride of your life. Grab a seat before they are filled, buckle in and hang on! I'll be there. Can't wait to see you there! I want 10,000,000 more visitors!" - Scott McGregor, founder, the Doppelit Train



What could you do with 10 million eyeballs?

With more than 3 million downloads of her Grammar Girl podcast, Mignon Fogarty is now a full-time podcaster with advertisements funding her podcasting sites and lifestyle.
The 60,000 monthly visitors at the baby site leads to $11 million in annual sales.
With no money, just some sweat equity, Pamela Redmond Satran began the How Not to Act Old blog in July 2008. Within six weeks and 70 blog posts, she was offered a book contract from Harper. When her book was released in August 2009, the book immediately hit the New York Times paperback advice bestseller list.
Esmee Denters's video of her singing of Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around" got more than 14 million views and inspired Timberlake to sign her to his record label.
Anjelah Johnson's video impersonation of her manicurist got so many views that she was invited to join the cast of MADtv.
Barack's Obama's website got him more than $100 million in donations in the first three months of 2008. In addition, the website had more than 750,000 people who have signed up to work on his campaign (and who have already participated in 30,000 offline events. His YouTube videos were viewed more than 37 million times. Some political observers credit his website as the major difference in his winning campaign for the Democratic nomination for president and, ultimately, the presidency itself.

With 10 million eyeballs, the world is yours!

Quite honestly, I'm a lazy marketer. I don't like to work hard. The essence of marketing is simply this: creating relationships. During the 10 Million Eyeballs online marketing course, I'll show you how to create lasting, effective relationships with the people, companies, websites, bloggers, ezine editors, and other groups that can really make a difference in helping you to sell more books or other products, create more customers, and/or build a brand or reputation that leads to an incredible career.

How do I know that these techniques work? The proof is right here in this one-page sales letter. You got to this page as a result of one of the techniques I will be teaching you during this Event. YOU are my proof.

What are you waiting for? Start now. Make a difference in your life and in the lives of others. Take the first step here. Welcome to a new world - one you can create, one you can build. Why not create the website, the business, the career you want now? It's only a few core relationships away.

Mary Robinson Reynolds is the author of many educational and inspirational Flash movies as well as five books. Her Make A Difference Movie: The Teddy Stallard Story has been viewed more than 6 million times in a few short years.

As she notes, "We started with a corporate email list of 2,000 and our first movie, You Are the Light of the World, was seen several million times its first year. Our Silent Night movie has been viewed 4 million times each of the last two Decembers."

They sell thousands of copies of their various DVD movies and gift books. They have a strong Tell a Friend program and a 20% commission affiliate program. If you love their stuff, they allow you to get paid to make a difference.


Ten Reasons to Take the
Ten Million Eyeballs Internet Marketing self-learning course

  1. If you want to grow the audience for your website by millions of visitors, this online marketing course will show you four quick and easy major ways to do so. You can get millions of new visitors to your website in the next year!
  2. Do you want to sell more books, products, or services? Then take this course.
  3. Would you like to jump your Alexa rank 90,000 or more places -- one of my sites recently did that (from 242,000 to 152,000).
  4. Do you want to get a contract offer from a top publisher, a major record label, or a national TV show?
  5. Are you ready to build your online business into a million dollar endeavor? Are you ready to create some online pizazz?
  6. Do you want top ten positions for your website on the key search engines? Check out how many I have created for my website:
  7. Are you ready to get noticed by major media? With stories on top TV shows or articles in major magazines?
  8. Do you want to double, triple, quadruple your sales in the next six months? Then this online marketing course is for you.
  9. Are you tired of the same old routine? Do you want to juice up your online activity and create real results?
  10. Do you want to change the world? Do you want to change your world? Do you want to make a difference? Then take the Ten Million Eyeballs online marketing course.

Seven Reasons Not to Take the
Ten Million Eyeballs Internet Marketing self-learning course

  1. Don't take this online marketing course if you don't like working with your computer or doing things with your website. Unless, of course, you have someone you trust who does these things for you.
  2. If you're not ready to handle an influx of millions of new website visitors, think again. Or, better yet, make plans to handle such an influx.
  3. Be cautious if you don't like HTML, don't have a website designer, or don't have a talented teen in the neighborhood you can call on.
  4. If you don't like online courses, invite me to come to your area to do an event in person!
  5. Don't take this course if you don't have a creative bone in your body. Actually, you really don't need a creative bone, but a funny bone would help.
  6. If you think this entire letter is just hype, don't take this course. Or call me at 575-751-3398 and ask me questions to answer your doubts.
  7. If you're completely satisfied with where your website, your career, your business, or your cause is now, ignore this page. Nothing wrong with being satisfied.


What could you do with 10 million eyeballs?

MTV's 300 websites attracted 90 million unique visitors in December 2007. Their income from the websites exceeded half a billion dollars in 2007. One of the keys to their success has been to free the content so it is accessible from more than just their own sites. As their president noted, "We need to make sure our content is everywhere our audiences are ... to keep our brands relevant."
The creators of the Passive Aggressive Notes photo blog received a six-figure book deal from Collins.
Tom Dickson's YouTube campaign for Blendtec features a series of videos showing him pulverizing marbles, golf balls, cigarette lighters, and iPhones. The original set of five videos cost $50 to produce and has driven retail sales for his blender from $2 million to $10 million per year. The videos have been viewed more than 35 million times. That means that 35 million eyeballs are worth $8 million dollars!
During a year-long experiment, blogger Robyn Okrant practiced everything Oprah preached on her TV show. The results? Okrant got a book deal and is author of Living Oprah, a blog with 10,000 weekly readers.
The 8.7 million monthly visitors at generate $117 million in annual sales of artworks and posters.
Robert Isaacson's agent encouraged him to put up a YouTube video as a tool to help sell his book, The Horse Boy, to a publisher. As a result of the video and a good proposal, the book got a 7-figure advance in a six-way auction.

With 10 million eyeballs, the world is yours!


Ten Million Eyeballs
Internet Marketing Program

Here's What You'll Get!

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How to Create an Amazon Bestseller Campaign on Steroids, with full details on how to carry out a successful sales campaign. Value: $297.00.

How to Cash in on More Internet Traffic. Features 25 key ways to create and sell more products and services. Value: $297.00.

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17 Internet Marketing Articles featuring the top trends in Internet marketing, ten ways to use audio to sell more books, powerful podcasting, online marketing success stories, and much more. Value: Free.

Ten Million Eyeballs Membership Site which features on-going updates on all the accompanying documents described here plus many others that John will continue to add and update. This membership website will also feature many resources and direct links to help you get started creating amazing relationships online. Value: $50 per month for three years! $1,800.00 total.

Creating Amazing Friends Course, with complete information on how to build and nurture relationships that really matter. This course includes contact information for hundreds of key bloggers and decision makers. Value: $97.00.

How to Get Testimonials, with the ten key steps you need to take to get testimonials for your books, products, services, website, etc. Value: $30.00.

Bonus videos. I'll continue to add many new videos focused on short special techniques to implement many of the ideas that I will describe in the basic videos. Value: $50 per video.

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Terra Naomi's video recording of "Say It's Possible" earned her almost 3 million views on YouTube, a major record deal, a world tour, and an opportunity to sing at Live Earth.
The creators of the user-generated Postcards From Yo Momma website got a six-figure book deal from Hyperion.
Conde Nast Portfolio magazine valued Matt Drudge's Drudge Report one-page website at $10 to $20 million based on ad sales generated from the blog's 1.33 million unique monthly visitors.
The media bloggers at - with a million readers a month - got a $250,000 book deal with Atria.
Using text messages, Facebook groups, and YouTube videos, student activists in Venezuela organized protest marches against the increasingly autocratic rule of president Hugo Chavez. One protest march featured more than 200,000 union laborers, students, housewives, and business executives. The marches helped to defeat a reform package that would have enabled Chavez to be president indefinitely. As the leader of the movement noted, "Youths in any nation, I believe, can do the same. They can make history."

With 10 million eyeballs, the world is yours!

One More Bonus!

I come to the world of Internet marketing from the world of books. And, quite frankly, if you don't have a book, you're operating with one arm tied behind your back. As part of this program, I'll show you how you can write a book or create other information products that will help you profit from all the traffic you will get. I can show you how to create high-value products in just hours or days at the most.

John Kremer, webmaster of the top-ranked website and author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

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